I love my dream job as a farmer
Our farmer
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Lush herbs

Colorful meadows as far as the eye can see interspersed with some farmhouses adorned with geraniums. On the green pastures, the cows enjoy the lush grasses with fresh herbs, the mild air, the radiant sunshine and the quiet peaceful atmosphere in idyllic Wigoltingen. Here in the canton of Thurgau in eastern Switzerland, farmer Tobias Roth produces milk for our Lustenberger 1862.

Passionate farmer

The 30 Brown Swiss breed cows are relaxed while feeding. "This here is Beanca and over there are Julia and Fanny," says Tobias Roth. They are three of his favorite, particularly beautiful cows. "I have a personal relationship with all of my cows and know them all by name."

With an average of 7,000 liters per year, Tobias Ruth's cows do not produce an overwhelming amount of milk. The farmer deliberately forgoes a higher milk yield, because: "I do not want to feed my animals any artificial additives that pose risks for the health of the cows and that can impair the quality of the milk."

Farming was given to Roth in the cradle by his father and grandfather. The next generation is already in the starting blocks: his two sons and his nephew are often and willingly at his side. No wonder, says Tobias Roth: "Even though it is not always easy, I am a farmer by passion. I love my dream job."

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