Lustenberger 1862 is an all-natural artisan cheese
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Cheese as it should be:
Full-bodied and 100% natural

Why should you eat food containing artificial additives or flavor enhancers? Lustenberger 1862 fruity-tangy is an absolutely natural product without artificial additives and is not only lactose and gluten-free, but is also ideal for vegetarians.

The best Swiss cow's milk

Lush meadows, rich with fresh herbs: This is the only way to get the best Swiss raw milk from cows with an unadulterated full flavor. This is naturally processed fresh on site according to the old recipe and traditional craftsmanship. In our family cellar, the cheese wheels age for at least 180 days to become the unmistakable fruity-tangy Lustenberger 1862.

Gesundheit genuss
Vital gesund

Want to feel vital and healthy and good about yourself?

Lustenberger 1862 is full of vitamins, calcium, proteins and valuable omega-3 fatty acids – all substances that your body needs to stay healthy. That's why it's good to include Lustenberger 1862 in your daily diet. This cheese tastes wonderful, and your family and you can consume it with a clear conscience. This is the food that made our grandfathers strong and wise.

Pure enjoyment and versatile in use

Lustenberger 1862 is versatile: it can be enjoyed whole on a cheese platter, for breakfast or in warm and cold food where it gives any dish a special flavor. When used in cooking, it melts delicately and creamily, making Lustenberger 1862 ideal for delicious and healthy recipes. We hope you have fun trying it out and „bon appetit!“